Looking at the current rate of consumption of fast food and its growth rate in 2019 and the expected rate of growth in the fast-food and taking into consideration the upcoming food trends, it is expected to spike to a global high of 690-billion-dollar industry. In comparison to this high a rate, the healthcare industry does not show this high a number projection for the coming year. There is more and more addition of junk food types in the fast-food sector and the healthcare industry isn’t able to cope with this yet. With the growth in the junk food sector, the growth rate in lifestyle-based diseases have also increased many folds.

Research shows that it’s this growth that has begun hampering an individual’s health and most of which results in lifestyle-based diseases that could be rectified through changing one’s food eating pattern.

We at Health & Nutrition Lounge, prioritize in seeking to stand in this gap between the growth in the fast-food industry and the healthcare industry and provide you with the best possible evidence based diet plans that suit your specific needs and manage your weight or for assistance in controlling any disease. Our priority is to provide you best solution to transform yourself into a healthy lifestyle by adopting a good dietary pattern in daily routine.